Meet the Team

John Schnepp, Owner

John has been in the industry as a window tinter and audio installer for about 8 years now. No doubt, you'll be able to count on John to make the most crazy/impossible requests happen. You can be certain that he was the brains behind all of our "impossible" auto customization that you see on the road today. Before John opened S-N-S Window Tint & Vehicle Customizing, he worked as a certified mechanic at our local Ford dealership. During his time as a mechanic, he was able to explore other departments and satisfy his hunger for knowledge (John really knows A LOT about A LOT!).

Rosa Pineda, Office Manager

Rose has been apart of the S-N-S Window Tint & Vehicle Customizing team for 4 years. As the office manager, she's the main point of contact for all customers. She'll tell you that being "office manager" is a fancy way of saying that she answers phones, gives quotes, and handles the research for install jobs but this lady handles much more than that. She's the voice and face of the business. She also worked as a window prep and audio installer for the beginning of her time at S-N-S. This lady can do it all!